Your guide to obtaining Egypt’s new vaccine Health Passport

Zeinab El-Gundy , Thursday 4 Nov 2021

Egypt’s health ministry released on Wednesday a health passport application as an electronic alternative for the COVID-19 vaccination QR code certificate for use by travellers as well as locally.

Egypt Health Passport app
A screenshot for Egypt s Health Passport app (Photo: Egyptian Health Ministry)

The passport can be used at any airport around the world, according to the health ministry. The passport proves whether a person is vaccinated, what kind of vaccine they have received, the number of doses administered, and, if they have received only one dose, the date of their upcoming dose.

Egypt has made coronavirus vaccination mandatory for several sectors in the country, including the public sector, where, starting 15 November, unvaccinated employees will not be allowed to enter their workplaces unless they present a negative PCR test every 15 days.

Starting 1 December, those who are unvaccinated will not be allowed to enter government facilities.

Egypt has so far vaccinated 24 million people in a mass campaign that has expanded to include teens as young as 15 years old.

The Egypt Health Passport app is currently available for both iOS and Android OS for free, but a fee of EGP 100 is required to set up an account, and adding a health certificate to an account for use in international travel costs another EGP 150.

Here is how to set up your Egypt health passport account:

1- After downloading the Egypt Health Passport app, whether on iOS or Android, you will be asked on the login page to enter your national ID number or passport number, as well as the registration number you received from the health ministry when registering for the vaccine.

2 – The Ministry of Health will then send an OTP number to the mobile phone number you used to register for your vaccine.

3- You will then be asked to take an image of yourself using the app or to select an image from your phone’s photo gallery. Set your pin code and pay the EGP 100 fee using a debit or credit card to complete the registration.


4- Next, you will see your vaccination certificate.



5- You can then add a picture of your passport using your mobile phone camera. A fee of EGP 150 is required to add your passport to your account.

6- Voila, you now have a coronavirus vaccine health passport that can be used in Egypt and in airports around the world.

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