78% of children suffer psychological impacts after watching cartoons: Cabinet report

MENA , Monday 3 Jan 2022

The Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) said Monday 78% of children suffer psychological impacts after watching cartoons that negatively affect their cognitive development.

Children watching TV
File Photo: Children watching TV. AFP

According to an IDSC analytic study on cartoon films and their behavioral influence on children, the language and behavior of 70% of children who usually watch cartoons are affected by the material they watch.

The study cited children's exhibit of antisocial behavior as they tend to act in the same way of characters and actions in cartoon animations.

As a result of the latest technological and communication trends, children throughout the various childhood stages have become a target audience for animated videos, it said.

Cartoon could be a double-edged weapon as it could either destroy children through excessive violence in actions of animated characters, along with other negative behavior-related aspects, according to the study.

Meantime, it could also serve as a homeschooling method, thus help in building up a psychologically balanced child; teach children and help them acquire a wide-range of life-related experiences, it added.

The study called on parents to pay due attention to the content their kids watch and help their children pick up cartoons that are suitable to their age and affect them positively.

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