New monkeypox case confirmed in Egypt: Health ministry

Ahram Online , MENA , Thursday 8 Dec 2022

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed the detection of a new positive case of monkeypox infection in Egypt of a patient aged 39.

A file photo of the Monkeypox virus under the microscope. Photo: AP


In a statement on Thursday, the ministry said that discovering and isolating the new case comes as part of the ministry's efforts to monitor and handle any suspicious cases of infectious diseases.

Precautionary measures have been taken to isolate the patient, his relatives and other individuals who have had close contact with the case prior to confirmation of its infection.

The isolation has been carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization, according to the statement.

The statement said that the patient's condition is stable and that he was receiving the required medical care.

Egypt officially declared its first monkeypox case in early September.

The case was that of a 42-year-old Egyptian who is a resident of a European country and who frequently visited it, according to the health ministry.

The ministry declared in mid-September that he had arrived from Spain and that the people who came into contact with him had been under observation for 21 days.

None of them, however, had shown any symptoms.

The Ministry of Health announced a second monkeypox case in the same month.

This time the case was that of a male citizen from an Arab country who had come to Egypt from abroad.

The monkeypox virus was discovered in 1958 when it was first identified as a distinct illness.

For the WHO, monkeypox primarily occurs in central and west Africa, often in proximity to tropical rainforests, and has been increasingly appearing in urban areas. 

A viral zoonotic infection, it can spread from animals to humans and can also spread from person to person through close contact with a patient who has a monkeypox rash.

Contagion happens when an infected person comes into close physical contact with another, including sexual contact.

Several Arab countries reported cases of monkeypox in the past months, including UAE, Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.


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