Sisi responds to plea of Palestinian child 'Abdullah', directs for his treatment in Cairo

Merna Hesham , Thursday 16 Nov 2023

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi responded to the appeal of Abdullah Al-Kahil, a Palestinian child facing imminent leg amputation, directing his transfer through the Rafah border crossing to receive treatment at Cairo's Nasser Institute Hospital, the Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar announced on Thursday.

Abdullah Al-Kahil.
Abdullah Al-Kahil. Photo courtesy of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population


“Talk with the Egyptians to heal my leg,” pleaded Al-Kahil in a distressing short video that has since gone viral.

Al-Kahil was caught in an Israeli bombing in Gaza and was severely injured. He was also shown cradling his arm, which was wrapped in a cast.

Reclining on an ambulance stretcher, Al-Kahil directed a heartfelt plea to Egypt, questioning, "Why is amputation necessary for my leg? Can't they create a bone for me? Provide me with a prosthetic leg? Pose these questions to the Egyptians."

Al-Kahil's plea resonated across social media, eventually reaching the Egyptian president.

Abdel-Ghaffar announced that an equipped ambulance accompanied by a medical team has been assigned to transport the child to Nasser Institute Hospital, evaluate his condition, and determine the necessary medical procedures for his treatment as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, in a press conference with his Turkish counterpart Fahrettin Koca on Thursday, Abdel-Ghaffar revealed plans for 35 ambulances equipped with incubators to stand by in preparation for the entry of newborn babies as soon as they arrive through the Rafah border crossing.

Since the beginning of November, Egypt has received hundreds of foreign passport holders from Gaza out of around 7,000 trapped foreigners.

On Sunday, 846 foreign passport holders from the Gaza Strip passed through the Rafah border crossing, including 70 Russian citizens.

Egyptian quarantine teams conduct examinations on foreign evacuees at the border crossing and vaccinate children against polio, measles, and mumps. 

According to the latest figures released by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, 699 foreigners, including 121 children, have undergone examinations.

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