Egypt's, India’s navies execute joint drill in Mediterranean Sea

Ahmed Eleiba , Saturday 11 Sep 2021

India s INS Tabar frigate and Egypt s Alexandria frigate have taken part in the naval drill, Egypt s military spokesman said

India's "INS TABAR" frigate and Egypt's frigate "Alexandria" in action during the two countries' joint naval drill (Photo courtesy of Egyptian Army Spokesman Facebook page)

The Egyptian and Indian naval forces have carried out a joint naval drill in the Northern Fleet’s operations zone in the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt’s Armed Forces Spokesman Gharib Abdel-Hafez said in a statement on Saturday.

India's INS Tabar frigate and Egypt's Alexandria frigate have taken part in the naval drill, the statement said.

In addition to holding a pre-sailing conference in order to coordinate the activities, the drill has included a set of different naval combat activities, including exercises to confront atypical maritime threats, joint protection exercises for a vital target at sea, as well as training on maritime security measures in the areas of operations in the Mediterranean, according to Abdel-Hafez.

The military spokesperson noted that it was second exercise of its kind conducted by the Indian frigate (INS Tabar) with units from the Egyptian Navy's Northern Fleet, reflecting the mutual efforts to exchange experience between the Egyptian and Indian navies.

It also affirms the capabilities of the Egyptian Naval Forces in working and coordinating with global naval forces to secure international navigation and transportation lines and support maritime security efforts in the region, he noted.

The drill with India’s navy is a continuation of the joint exercises conducted by the Egyptian Naval Forces with world navies, which aim to enhance the combat capabilities of the naval units and their crews, making them able to face challenges in a manner that contributes to supporting maritime security and stability in the region, Abdel-Hafez said.

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