Egyptian, US navies conduct drills in the Mediterranean

Ahmed Eleiba , Thursday 8 Sep 2022

Special forces units from the Egyptian and US navies conducted the SOF-10 maritime drill in the Mediterranean Sea for several days, the Egyptian Armed Forces announced Thursday.

Egyptian, US navies
Egyptian, US navies


According to the Egyptian Armed Forces, the drill was conducted in the domain of the Egyptian Northern Fleet and included several activities that focused on exchanging operational positions in the site of operations. They also trained to synchronise their efforts as part of a joint task force responsible maintaining maritime security by confronting threats that could affect the flow of global trade and international freedom of navigation.

The drill simulated joint offensive diving operations, the inspection and storming of suspicious ships, sea infiltration operations and a raid on a secluded island, all of which showed the high combat ability and efficiency of the forces participating in the training.

The final stage of the drill was attended by a number of Egyptian and US naval commanders in addition to the US military attaché at the US embassy in Cairo.

Earlier this week, the Egyptian and US navies conducted a maritime training involving Egyptian helicopter carrier Gamal Abdel-Nasser and Al-Galala frigate participating alongside the US destroyer USS Delbert D.Black, also in the Mediterranean Sea.

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