The Egyptian army turned the 1967 defeat into victory in 1973 through arduous training, perseverance: Sisi

Ahram Online , Wednesday 4 Oct 2023

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said the Egyptian Armed Forces overcame the fear barrier and imbalance in military power with Israel through arduous training, intense preparations, and perseverance to turn the defeat in 1967 into a victory in 1973.

President Sisi


President El-Sisi’s comments came during the armed forces educational seminar on Wednesday to mark the 50th anniversary of the 6 October 1973 war victory.

The event, held at the Manara International Conference Centre, was attended by Minister of Defence and Military Production Mohamed Zaki, several officers from various branches of the armed forces, and top state officials.

The resilience of a people!

The path to victory in October started immediately after the 5th of June 1967 defeat, said President El-Sisi.

"It started when Egyptians took to the streets on the 9th of that month rejecting the resignation of President Gamal Abdel-Nasser."

"Egyptians did so despite the Egyptian army's difficult condition at the time and the presence of the Israelis in Sinai," El-Sisi added.

He also recalled the hard times the Egyptians went through during the six years between the 1967 defeat and the 1973 victory.

"The country's resources were entirely dedicated to the military effort, and the citizens withstood having to queue every day to obtain necessities," El-Sisi noted.

In his remarks, President El-Sisi, the Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, issued instructions to produce more documentaries to foster young people's awareness of the importance of the 6th of October War.

More than victory!

The victory in October was much more than a victory, President El-Sisi stressed.

"If you had lived and experienced life between 1967 and 1973, you would know that Egypt didn't merely win the 1973 war but made a remarkable leap," he added.  

"No one else could have made such a leap but the Egyptian army at this time," the president exalted.

El-Sisi highlighted Israel's then-defence minister Moshe Dayan, following the 1967 defeat, that Egypt would need 50 years to regain its strength.

He said the victory was achieved despite the bitterness of the defeat, the frustration and loss of confidence, and the absence of a leader like Nasser, who died in 1970.

During the event, President El-Sisi honoured a host of 1973 war heroes and their families.

Sinai Development

President El-Sisi said Sinai is "a precious piece of land that was entrusted to us Egyptians ... and it is incumbent on us to rebuild and develop it."

El-Sisi shed light on the state's efforts to develop Sinai in recent years, including directing hundreds of billions of pounds to various development projects in the peninsula.

"And yet, no amount of expenditure can compensate for a drop of our sons’ blood, which was spilt over this precious land - whether during liberating it from occupation or purging it from terrorism," he added.

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