'Armed Forces capable of confronting any challenges imposed on it': Egypt defence minister

Ahram Online , Thursday 23 May 2024

Minister of Defence and Military Production General Mohamed Zaki emphasized Thursday that the Egyptian Armed Forces “are capable of confronting any challenges imposed on it, thanks to the strength and unity of Egyptian people and their national leadership.”

 Egypt defence minister


General Zaki asserted that the Egyptian state has “constants that it never deviates from, nor takes sides except in the interest of Egyptian national security,” Egyptian Armed Forces Spokesperson Gharib Abdel-Hafez Gharib said in a statement.

The minister made his remarks while attending the main phase of a multi-day military tactical project, implemented by one of the Second Field Army units, using live ammunition.

He expressed his appreciation for the military personnel over their efforts “to confront the current and unprecedented challenges targeting Egyptian national security in all strategic directions,” the statement added.

Zaki also spotlighted Egypt's “significant and effective” role throughout history in support of the Palestinian cause.

Egypt is dealing with the current situation “with the utmost wisdom to preserve the Palestinian cause and support Palestinian brothers based on the two-state solution,” Zaki noted.

Additionally, he pointed out that preserving Sinai is incomplete without comprehensive development.

Second Field Army project

The military spokesperson said the project's main phase included managing combat operations to storm the front border of the enemy’s defences, with the assistance of the Air Force.

He added that the Air Force carried out reconnaissance, security, and assistance sorties to support the combat operations of the forces conducting the attack.

This was executed under cover of air defence means and weapons and with artillery support to confuse and destroy the enemy command and control centres along with its reserves, read the statement.

The armored forces and mechanized infantry developed the attack, penetrated the hostile defences, and destroyed them with the help of the armed helicopter and anti-tank-guided missile elements, to confront the enemy’s counterattacks and prevent it from regaining its defensive positions on various lines.

The statement also indicated that special forces from the Paratroopers and Thunderbolt (Sa’aka) also carried out raids and landing operations to destroy discovered targets.

The military spokesperson added that the project demonstrated the high field and combat skills of all weapons and their ability to deal with atypical field targets and hit them from stability and movement.

He said it showed their ability to manage and implement combat and fire missions at the specified time and place precisely and efficiently.

Minister Zaki praised the project participants' outstanding performance and high combat readiness.

He said the project reflected the Second Field Army's capabilities and readiness, along with other tactical formations of the Armed Forces, to protect Egyptian national security in all strategic directions.

The minister also conveyed President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi's appreciation for the efforts made by the Armed Forces to carry out all the tasks and duties assigned to them under various circumstances.

He added that the activities executed within the project send a message of reassurance to Egyptians about the permanent combat readiness of their Armed Forces, the statement noted.

According to the statement, Zaki pointed out the Armed Forces' unrelenting effort to preserve and develop its combat systems, weapons, and equipment.

The statement added that the Armed Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Osama Askar witnessed one of the project phases.

He also discussed the tasks of some participating commanders and officers with them to ensure they can make the right decisions during operations.

Senior Armed Forces commanders, governors, members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and presidents of Egyptian universities attended the event.


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