Visitors’ facilities at Beni Hassan archaeological site in Minya gets facelift

Nevine El-Aref , Sunday 17 Oct 2021

The second phase of the development of the visitors’ services at the Beni Hassan archaeological site in Minya has been completed in collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo, and the Built Environment Collective (Mogawra).

Beni Hassan archaeological site

This project is part of the ministry's plans to develop museums and archaeological sites nationwide to enhance visitors’ experience.

Iman Zidan, supervisor of the development of museums and archaeological sites, explained that the second phase of the project includes the installation of paths and new signage with information about the site and its monuments.

A map of the site is also provided to visitors along with a description of each tomb found in Beni Hassan with a QR code for more information.

The site was also equipped to be accessible to the disabled, including wheelchair paths and braille signage. 

Sun shades and benches are provided, along with garbage bins and self-cleanning toilets. 

A social entertainment area is also available to cater to families with children.

The development of the Beni Hassan site started in 2018 and included the training of a number of antiquities inspectors and museum curators on the management of archaeological sites and museums by technical experts.

A book on the basics of managing archaeological sites was completed and published in both Arabic and English.

Minya, located in Middle Egypt on the Nile, bears witness to much of the history of the country across its various eras.

The archaeological area of Beni Hassan is one of the most important in the governorate, comprising a large number of tombs carved in the rock.

Four of these are open to visitors, showing beautiful colourful inscriptions, murals of daily and military life, as well as depictions of entertainment such as sports, rhythmic dances, and hunting. 

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