Life Guardian website highlights 5 'fascinating' Egyptian museums, says tourism ministry

Ahram Online , Wednesday 23 Feb 2022

Under the title ‘5 fascinating Egyptian Museums to add to your bucket-list,’ Life Guardian website has highlighted five Egyptian museums as must visit destinations, a statement by Egypt's Ministry of Tourism said on Wednesday.


Life Guardian website – a Nigerian magazine established in 1983 – named the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, the Grand Egyptian Museum, the Mummification Museum, the Luxor Museum, and the Museum of Islamic Art as must visit destinations.

Egypt’s museums display the artistic and cultural origin of the country, said the magazine, whose logo is derived from the ancient Egyptian symbol for conscience.

The magazine highlighted the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, one of the country’s most prominent museums with a huge collection of artefacts, such as King Tutankhamun’s golden mask and other artefacts found inside the boy king’s tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.

The report also highlighted the “massive” Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), which will be committed to showcasing the ancient Egyptian civilisation with more than 100,000 antiques.

The GEM, which was initially planned to be opened in 2021 but was delayed to late 2022 due to the coronavirus, is the world's largest museum dedicated to a single civilisation. It will contain the great King Tut’s tomb collection, as well as thousands of other rare and unique archaeological finds.

Egypt’s museums are not just located in big cities, the report said, presenting the Mummification Museum in Luxor as a place to learn about the mummification process.

It also cited the Luxor Museum, which is situated on the Nile and holds remarkable displays including the mummies of Ramses I and Ahmose I, as well as a life-sized sculpture of Amenhotep III.

The report also referred to the Museum of Islamic Art, pointing out that the museum contains the world’s largest collection of Islamic art and antiques from all over the Islamic world, including unique copies of the Quran.

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