New statue of Mohamed Ali Pasha by Egyptian sculptor installed at National Military Museum

Ahram Online , Sunday 31 Jul 2022

A new statue of Mohamed Ali Pasha, the Albanian ruler of Egypt between 1805 and 1848, has been installed at the Egyptian National Military Museum located at Cairo's Citadel of Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi.

Mohamed Ali Pasha


The life-size statue is mounted on a concrete base and depicts the famous ruler dressed in historical garb and holding his sword.

The statue was sculpted over 12 days and installed in the museum's exterior yard.

Mina Ashak, the 27-year-old sculptor, said that he spent several weeks reading biography of Mohamed Ali Pasha in order to learn more about his personality before embarking on his work.

Doing so allowed Ashak insight into how the ruler moved, spoke and expressed his feelings, as well as his body shape and clothing, the sculptor said in remarks to the media.

The personality of the historical ruler is distinguished by his calmness and intensity at the same time, noted Ashak, who graduated from Fine Arts Faculty at Minya University in 2019.

Mohamed Ali Pasha is regarded the founder of modern Egypt and his dynasty ruled the country until the 23 July Revolution in 1952.

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