Google, ETA to use real-time weather monitoring to promote British tourism in 'sunny Egypt'

Doaa A.Moneim , Thursday 15 Sep 2022

Google is cooperating with the Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) on a new project to use real-time weather monitoring ad techniques to promote tourism in the country to British audiences, the American multinational technology company announced in a statement on Thursday.

Tourism in Egypt
File Photo. Tourists are rediscovering the allure of Luxor


“Egypt’s abundant sunshine is something not every country is lucky enough to have, so we wanted to make it the star of the show. But for our campaign to be impactful, it had to do more than just showcase why ‘sunny Egypt’ is the perfect destination for UK audiences to visit. It had to also reflect the British traveller’s real-world experience in a relatable way,” Amr El-Kady, the CEO of ETA, said according to the statement.

Ahmad Khwileh, a technical expert on ads and data science at Google, explained in the statement that the company tailored its campaign to a British audience by enabling and disabling ads based on the current weather at the user location automatically.

“Thus, for example, if it was snowing in London, that specific ad group was automatically enabled to show only ads referring to snow. The UK weather content in each ad was offset by visuals of Egypt’s sunny skies and historical sights, inspiring travellers to ‘follow the sun’ and explore a warm escape to the country,” according to Khwileh.

ETA turned to video reach campaigns to guide the 20-second video ads to the right potential travellers in each British city, allowing brands to choose how to reach people in their target audience, Google said.

Meanwhile, bumper ads, unskippable six-second videos, help brands boost their remarketing efforts - advertising based on previous behaviour online - towards the end of the campaign.

“Creative automation is simple to develop, and we especially loved how British travellers related to our campaign. The personalised creatives really helped create a strong sense of attachment to our brand,” El-Kady noted.

“The campaign’s incredible success is one of the main reasons we plan on working with the same creative and media teams on another similar campaign later this year,” El-Kady says added.

Egypt has historically been a popular destination for British tourists. From 2010 to 2015, it was ranked as between the second and fourth largest source of tourists headed to Egypt. Over the past winter, it was estimated that 500,000 tourists from the UK would visit Egypt. This spring, the UK's Daily Mail named Egypt one of the best holiday destinations in 2022. 

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