Egypt’s president orders establishment of therapeutic centres at Sinai’s natural springs

Ahram Online , Monday 19 Sep 2022

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi instructed the establishment of integrated therapeutic centres at the sites of natural water springs in South Sinai. The centres would be built on the highest standards in partnership with relevant European expertise.



El-Sisi made the remarks in a meeting on Sunday with officials from the Armed Forces’ Engineering Authority, including the authority’s chairman, Hesham El-Swefy.

The sites include Oyun Musa (Moses’ Springs), Hamam Faraoun (Pharaoh's Bath), as well as the sulfur water springs in Ras Sedr and Tor cities in South Sinai, El-Sisi said.

This should allow Egypt to make optimal use of its natural resources, the president added.

Dozens of natural water springs in South Sinai are attractive tourist destinations with water from the springs believed to have healing properties, particularly for diabetes patients. They purportedly strengthen the body and help regulate high blood pressure.

Over the past years, Egypt has spent millions of pounds to develop natural springs in South Sinai, especially the Moses Springs.

Moses Springs is located in Ras Sedr city along the Red Sea in South Sinai, almost 30 km south of Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, and covers almost 164 feddans.

The area is composed of a group of hot springs, forming a small fertile oasis with natural palm trees. It includes seven springs that date to the Byzantine era, a number of clay ovens, and a residential settlement.

The underground spring supplies water to the area’s monastery, which is believed to sit on the spot where Prophet Moses met his future wife. According to the monks at the monastery, the well never dries up and is the monastery's main source of water.

Hamam Faraoun is located in South Sinai’s Abu Zenima city and consists of 15 natural springs of hot water flowing from inside a cave in a mountain near the beach.

The water at the springs is believed to be effective in treating many diseases, such as rheumatoid as well as gastrointestinal diseases, kidney diseases, lung allergies, and skin diseases.

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