British travel vlogger, Sam Mayfair, Showcases the Exquisite Beauty of Egypt to the World while encoring tourists to visit

Thursday 17 Nov 2022

British travel vlogger Sam Mayfair
British travel vlogger Sam Mayfair at Egypt s Giza pyramids


Egypt is always noted on the list of the top 10 most visited countries in the Middle East. Our rich culture, historic structures, useful innovations, friendly citizens, democratic government, and distinctive magnificence never fail to amaze the millions of tourists that choose to make it their go-to destination every year. Due to the lifting of lockdowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and for being a leader in confronting this pandemic among its population rapidly and continuously, Egypt is prepared to welcome millions of more tourists this year.

There are different strategies that the Egyptian government implements to attract foreigners to our cities and towns. Vloggers have come in handy in this aspect. As of lately, the official Instagram account of the Ministry of Tourism in Egypt has been showcasing the content of the very popular British travel vlogger Sam Mayfair. This particular individual became a vlogger by accident! Nonetheless, his millions of viewers consider him a travel expert. Mayfair's loyal followers are always waiting for his next upload, which will more than likely showcase him somewhere interesting in Egypt. This vlogger has more than 300 million views across TikTok and YouTube. He has more than 16.3 million likes on TikTok, more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, and thousands upon thousands of followers on Facebook. His love for Egypt is unquestionable. With his content, this highly-liked travel vlogger continues to place Egypt at the forefront of the top must visit destinations in the world.

Every chance he gets, Mayfair travels to Cairo, Giza, Saqqara, and other cities to show through videos and pictures the grandeur of our country in more than one aspect. This vlogger has the ‘common touch.’ Mayfair has actual conversations with Egyptians from different walks of life to extensively educate his viewers about our culture. He is often seen video recording popular restaurants, shopping malls, museums, churches, hotels, casinos, and even our great pyramids to his loyal viewers. Debunking myths about Egypt is one of his fortes!

This constant traveler wants to promote the fact that not a lot of money is required have a good time in Egypt. In one of his videos, he presented an affordable, comfortable, and noteworthy hotel in Cairo located right by the pyramids and a building that Pizza Hut and KFC share. Mayfair advices tourists that during the nighttime they can go to the terrace of this building to experience the sound and light show of the pyramids while eating and having a great time with loved ones, without breaking the bank.

Watch it on his YouTube Channel.

In general, Mayfair likes to give advice. He has mentioned that his goal is to teach and inspire. He also shares advice to people who want to be vloggers. “You don’t need to spend much to get started creating videos; just talk about what you know in the best way that you can,” Mayfair expressed. “Make content you would like to see and just be yourself.” This vloggers motto is to have a good story to have later on in life when one is in a rocking chair talking to grandchildren. When asked about his frequent travels, Mayfair responded "I feel lucky enough to be able to travel as often as I do, so I decided to share these experiences with the world, and people seem to like it!"

Mayfair's most watched video on YouTube explores the Great Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx. Thus far, it has been watched by more than 1,000,000 individuals. It is a virtual reality (VR) tour of the pyramids that showcases their external structure and internal grandeur in detail. He is certainly helping with tourism. At the moment, tourism is the fourth-largest industry in the global economy. In Egypt, it helps in diversifying its economy, generating income, creating new jobs/careers, promoting cross-cultural awareness, and etc.

As every other country in the world, Egypt's economy has also been hit hard due to the pandemic. Fortunately, due to the attractions we possess, the future is looking bright for us. Just as we embrace Sam Mayfair every time he comes our way, we are ready to embrace every foreigner who wants to also embark in an exploration journey in one or more of our attention-grasping attractions which never fail to impress.

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