Two temporary exhibitions on display at the Jewellery and the Coptic museums

Nevine El-Aref , Sunday 5 Feb 2023

The Jewellery Museum in Alexandria inaugurated a temporary exhibition on ornamental tools used by King Farouk called “Royal Jewelleries of Mohamed Ali Family,” while the Coptic museum in Old Cairo will open their exhibition titled “Ark, Harmony Between Religions” on Monday.



Safaa Farouk, the Jewellery Museum’s director general, explained that the exhibition, which is running until April, consists of a collection of 13 artefacts from the collection of King Farouk, who ruled Egypt from 1936 to 1952.

They are being exhibited for the first time as they were previously stored in the museum’s treasury.

The collection comprises four boxes for the king’s shaving tools, some of which are gold-plated silver, with others made of crystal with gold plated silver lids.

It also includes two crystal perfume containers with a gold plated cover, an ink container with a silver cover, two rectangular crystal boxes and the king’s Primus stove.

In Old Cairo, the Coptic Museum is set to open its “Ark, Harmony Between Religions,” which will last for two weeks

Gihan Atef, director general of the museum, explained that the exhibition will shed light on the common and related worshiping traditions of the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam within the story of the Prophet Noah and his ark.

Among the objects to be displayed are three manuscripts written in Arabic, including a text meant to be read during Christianity's Holy Week, the story of the Prophet Moses in the Torah when God commands him to take his shoes off because the land he was standing on is sacred, while the third relates the story of Moses with his population.

The exhibition will also show a holder for holy books made of wood decorated with foliage scenes, a silver rounded plate decorated with the external facade of a church and icon for the Coptic martyr Saint Damiana with 40 virgins.

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