Egyptian Nasserists condemn 6 April founder's anti-1952 Revolution stance

Ahram Online, Saturday 21 Jul 2012

In a statement issued Saturday, Nasserists in Upper Egypt's Qena governorate slammed Ahmed Maher's call not to celebrate the July 23 Revolution

A man holds up a portrait of late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser in Tahrir, 1 February 2011 (Photo: AP)

The Nasserist current in the Upper Egypt city of Qena has condemned Ahmed Maher, the co-founder of the 6 April Youth Movement, for calling for anti-military protests instead of a celebration of the 1952 Revolution whose anniversary is Monday, 23 July.

On his Twitter account Friday, Maher said that if any mass gathering is to take place 23 July then it should be for demanding the end of military rule and not celebrating "the military's revolution."

Maher added that the only true Egyptian revolution is the January 25 Revolution.

23 July will mark the 60th anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the monarchy and was led by the Free Officers, including late presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Mohamed Naguib, in 1952.

In response to Maher's statements, the Nasserist current issued a statement in which they described Maher's words as lacking historical knowledge, accusing the young activist of "flirting" with the Muslim Brotherhood (who were persecuted by Nasser) at the expense of the 1952 Revolution.

The statement, entitled "6 April: From workers strike to a misleading movement," asserted that military rule didn’t begin with Gamal Abdel Nasser but had always been a feature of Egyptian political life since the time of Ramses II.

Mostafa Abdullah, member of the Nasserist current in Qena, told Ahram Arabic news website that Maher's statement was provocative, adding that the "glorious July revolution can't be erased from the history of Egypt and the Arab world," and that all Nasserists will celebrate the anniversary of the revolution and resist attempts to distort its image.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the dominant force in the current political scene, has announced that it would participate in celebrations of the July 23 Revolution scheduled to take place, while the Salafist Nour Party — the second largest political force, according to the results of November's legislative elections — is yet to decide on participation as negotiations are held among its leaders.

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