Morsi campaign says president-elect won't take oath before High Court

Nada Hussein, Monday 25 Jun 2012

Conflicting reports on where Mohamed Morsi will go for presidential oath continue throughout Monday

Yasser Ali, a member of Mohamed Morsi's presidential campaign, has denied, according to the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party website, circulated news that the president-elect will take the oath of office before the High Constitutional Court (HCC).

If sworn in before the HCC, Morsi would be acknowleging the Constitutional Addendum on 17 June that was issued by the military council and faced widespread rejection from various political forces.

Ali said Morsi will swear oath only before the parliament as the the legitimately elected entity according to the 30 June 2011 constitutional declaration.

A High Constitutional Court ruling earlier on 14 June ruled that one third of the parliament, of which The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice party held a majority of seats, was unconstitutional.

The ruling military council on 15 June announced the dissolution of parliament prompting a wave of denunciation and accusations that the generals have transgressed on the people's will.

Confusing reports floated around all day Monday on whether the oath will be administered at Court or not with some government sources claiming that the Brotherhood leader will respect the new SCAF-issued addendum while most Brotherhood figures who commented on the reports denied those reports insisting the president-elect will be sworn in only before the legislative power.

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