Egypt's president-elect Morsi holds meetings with political party reps

Ahram Online, Thursday 28 Jun 2012

Morsi calls on Egyptian political forces to unify ranks for country's sake, says Egypt is 'progressing rapidly' despite relative newness to democratic experience

Mohammed Morsi
President-elect Mohammed Morsi (Photo: AP)

Egypt's new president-elect Mohamed Morsi has called on the heads of various political parties to stop accusing one another of betrayal and treason and unite for the benefit of the country.

At a meeting with political party representatives on Thursday morning, Morsi said Egypt was "progressing rapidly" despite its relative newness to the democratic experience.

Yasser Ali, Morsi's acting spokesman, said that the incoming cabinet to be drawn up by Morsi would "reflect Egypt's diversity." He added that, contrary to recent reports in the media, the Muslim Brotherhood had not yet decided how many seats in the cabinet would go to members of its Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

Mohamed Abul-Ghar, head of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, reportedly told Mursi at the meeting that it was important to develop Egypt's educational sector. Others who attended the meeting reportedly stressed the importance of establishing close ties with foreign countries.

Nagi El-Shehabi of Egypt's Geel Party said that Mursi had stressed the need to prioritise issues pertaining to women, Coptic-Christians and unemployment. El-Shehabi added that party representatives attending the meeting had asked Morsi to be a "president for all Egyptians" and to distance himself from the Brotherhood's FJP.

Ayman Nour of the Ghad El-Thawra Party, meanwhile, called Morsi’s meeting with political forces a "significant event," pointing out that no such meeting had taken place since 1981. Nour also said Morsi had promised to maintain the state's civil nature.

Ahmed Abul-Nazr, head of the Nahda Masr Party, for his part, described the meeting as a "message of reassurance" from Mursi that he would not alienate the political parties who had failed to support him in the recent presidential runoff.

Since Morsi was declared president on 24 June, he has been holding talks with different political, social and religious factions, including Coptic Church representatives, families of protesters slain in last year's popular uprising, and representatives of revolutionary parties and movements.

Ali added that Morsi was "looking forward" to holding additional meetings with other factions in coming days.

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