Brotherhood did not interfere with Morsi's inauguration speeches, says group spokesman

Ahram Online, Saturday 30 Jun 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood affirms it had no say in Mohamed Morsi's Saturday inauguration speeches, while questions still abound on what role the Islamist group will have in the Morsi presidency

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan said that President Mohamed Morsi, who was the Brotherhood's official presidential candidate, did not consult any of Brotherhood member when preparing his inauguration speeches for Saturday's ceremonies, and that none of the Muslim Brotherhood's members interfered in the speeches.

Morsi, who resigned from his senior positions in the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party and Guidance Bureau upon winning the presidential elections 24 June, delivered a speech in each of three inauguration ceremonies; one before the Supreme Constitutional Court after swearing the presidential oath; one in front of party representatives and public figures at Cairo University; and one in a military training headquaters, which capped the day's events.

Despite having filed his resignation from the Brotherhood's leadership ranks, the role of Muslim Brotherhood leaders within Morsi's presidency remains an issue of contention among Brotherhood sceptics and detractors.

The Islamist president narrowly won in the second round presidential run-off held 16-17 June against Mubarak's last prime minister Ahmed Shafiq.

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