Morsi should dismiss HCC and Egypt's prosecutor-general: Revolution Youth Coalition member

Ahram Online, Wednesday 11 Jul 2012

Member of the recently-disbanded youth group, Haitham Abul-Ezz, called on Egypt's president to discharge HCC and prosecutor-general as they are 'intervening in state politics'

Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo
Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo (photo: Reuters)

Haitham Abul-Ezz, a member of the recently-disbanded Revolution Youth Coalition, urged President Mohamed Morsi to dissolve the High Constitutional Court (HCC) and dismiss Egypt’s prosecutor-general in a press statement, Wednesday.

 "Some of the HCC members have bad intentions and are against the revolution," explained Abul-Ezz, "so we will wait for Morsi to move quickly to dissolve them in the same way as he issued a presidential decree to restore the People's Assembly [Egypt’s lower house of parliament]."

Abul-Ezz said he expects the HCC to declare the presidential elections as illegitimate soon, as the court is in direct conflict with the president.

They are using quick verdicts such as dissolving parliament, Abul-Ezz said, as a way of intervening in state politics, despite taking several years to issue rulings on other similarly important issues in the past.

The coalition member for the northern Qalyubiya Governorate, also stated that the president must continue to work on revolutionary objectives such as changing the prosecutor-general and releasing detained civilians sentenced in military courts. “We will back him up with our souls,” Abul-Ezz added.

Prosecutor-General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud, who was appointed by ousted president Hosni Mubarak, still holds his position a year and a half after the revolution. It is rare occurrence in revolutionary history, Abul-Ezz concluded, that a figure is in charge of investigating and imprisoning members of the very regime that appointed him.

On Tuesday evening, Egypt’s presidential office declined to comment on the HCC’s latest ruling overturning Sunday’s presidential decree reinstating the People's Assembly.

On 14 June the HCC had declared a parliamentary elections law – which governed last year's legislative polls – to be unconstitutional. The following day, Egypt's then-ruling military council ordered the dissolution of parliament's lower house.

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