British Egyptians call on Morsi to turn promises into action

Amer Sultan, London, Saturday 21 Jul 2012

Egyptian expatriates in the UK urge the new president to promote new joint projects as promised, express willingness to cooperate with expertise

Mohamed Morsi
Archive Photo of President Mohamed Morsi speaking during a rally. (Photo: AP)

Egyptian expatriates in the UK have called on President Mohamad Morsi to take practical actions to encourage Egyptians overseas to help rebuild Egypt after the revolution.

“It is about time for the president to turn his promises and pledges into tangible ideas and real projects in which our expertise could be beneficial,” the Egyptian Association in the UK (EAUK) told Ahram Online.

After taking office, Morsi pledged to establish wider contacts with Egyptian overseas. He also promised a quota for them in parliament.

Mostafa Ragab, new chair of EAUK, said his association is ready to discuss and promote any projects proposed by the new democratically elected president and his future government.

“We are ready to mobilise the support of Egyptians in UK for any sincere ideas and projects,” Ragab told Ahram Online. He added EAUK”s members have great deal of enthusiasm and optimism that should be built on.

EAUK has a wide range of contacts with charities in Egypt and has sent financial and other kinds of donations to these charities.

Estimations are that about 250,000 Egyptians reside in the UK making them the biggest Egyptian community in Europe. About 190,000 Egyptians are living in Italy and 160,000 in France.

Reports of UK government praise expat Egyptians as well-educated and law abiding. The unemployment rate among the expat Egyptian community is very low compared to other Arab and African communities.  

EAUK says it has numerous contacts with a variety of Egyptian experts in different specialties in the UK.

“The new environment in Egypt and the revolution make it very important for our association and other Egyptians overseas to be ready for full interaction with our homeland,” Dr Shounda Shalaby, EAUK secretary general, told Ahram Online.  

He added the association still believes that serving the Egyptian community in UK is one of its top priorities. “This will help enhance the community and use its strengths to respond to any initiative which may be offered by any Egyptian institutions,” Shalaby added.

Morsi has made many promises since his inauguration as Egypt's newly elected president. For internal matters, he announced a 100-day plan to end several of the country's pressing problems, including traffic, fuel shortages, bread shortages, lack of security and garbage accumulation.

According to an independent monitoring website titled "Morsimeter," up until day 21, the new president has failed to fulfill any of his promises.

The new president had promised to form a coalition government, made up mostly of non-Muslim Brotherhood members. However, he has so far not chosen a prime minister, a fact that has caused much criticism from activists who had declared their support for Morsi following his electoral win.

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