Al-Wafd prepares for strong 2024 presidential election': Chairman Yamama

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 14 Aug 2023

Potential Presidential candidate and Al-Wafd party chairman Abdel-Sanad Yamama said his party has begun preparing for the upcoming presidential elections, asserting that the party's offices throughout Egypt will play a significant role in supporting his campaign.

A file photo of Wafd Party leader Abdel-Sanad Yamama. Photo: El-Wafd Party


According to Al-Wafd newspaper, Yamama affirmed on Monday that he would be a strong contender in the upcoming presidential elections in early 2024.

"As the longest-standing party in Egypt's history, Al-Wafd will compete strongly and will have a presidential election platform that will appeal to most Egyptians," said Yamama, indicating that "Al-Wafd's election programme will prescribe solutions for all the country's political, economic, and social problems."

Yamama said he decided to run in Egypt's upcoming presidential election because it provides a golden opportunity to send several messages to the Egyptian people.

"We want to tell them [the Egyptians] that Al-Wafd is the conscience of this nation and that it is the voice of liberalism and political democracy that has stood up despite all the challenges it faced during its long history."

"We want a competitive presidential election in which many will vie for achieving the aspirations of the Egyptian people," said Yamama.

He named Wafdist senator Yasser El-Hodeibi as his presidential election spokesman.

Yamama, however, doesn't enjoy the party's full support since several office heads and senior officials accuse him of violating the party's internal rules.

Fouad Badrawi, a former MP and a  member of Al-Wafd Supreme Council, recently announced his intention to run as the Wafd's official candidate. He urged Yamama to invite  Al-Wafd's general assembly (around 7,000 members) to choose between Yamama and him.

"According to party rules, a potential candidate should gain the support of the general assembly to become Al-Wafd's official presidential candidate," said Badrawi.

Apart from Yamama and Badrawi, three other candidates have announced their intention to run for the presidency, including Hazem Omar, chairman of the People's Republican Party; Ahmed Fadaly, the chairman of the Democratic Peace Party; and Ahmed Tantawi, a former MP.

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