President Sisi announces running for re-election

Ahram Online , Monday 2 Oct 2023

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi officially announced on Monday that he will run for presidency in the upcoming election for a third term as president of Egypt.



"I am heeding the call of Egyptians once again, and I am determined to run for president," El-Sisi stated.

El-Sisi's announcement came as tens of rallies, organized by various parties, with thousands of Egyptians gathered on Monday in major governorates, calling on him to declare his candidacy in Egypt's upcoming presidential elections.

The announcement also coincided with the final day of the Hikayat Watan conference, held in the New Administrative Capital. 

El-Sisi, in office since 2014, inaugurated a three-day conference on Saturday to shed light on the achievements of his administration in different fields.   

"O God, if someone is more worthy of it than I am, then I pray that you grant him success and aid him; but if it is I who is worthy of it, then I pray that you grant me success and aid me," El-Sisi prayed in his speech before uttering "May I be the one more worthy of it."

At the end of his candidacy speech, El-Sisi encouraged all eligible voters to actively participate in the elections even if they do not choose to support him, adding that he would be honoured to see such a high voter turnout.  

"I want you to show the world that there is the will of the people in Egypt, not just that of the ruler," he stressed. 

"People should encourage one another to participate and choose as they see fit, and whoever God chooses to entrust with this responsibility shall ultimately prevail," he added, swearing by God that he would accept the outcome of the election.

Following the 2019 constitutional amendments that altered presidential term limits, El-Sisi became eligible to run for a third term in office that ends in 2030.

According to the National Elections Authority (NEA), candidates seeking to run in the 2024 presidential election can submit for candidacy from 5 to 14 October 2023.

Voting in Egypt will take place 10-12 December, with Egyptians abroad casting their votes 1-3 December.

The Egyptian constitution mandates candidates to secure endorsements from at least 20 MPs from the House of Representatives or 25,000 registered voters from at least 15 governorates, with a minimum of 1,000 endorsements from each governorate.

Apart from El-Sisi, seven political figures have revealed their plans to compete in the upcoming election. 

These candidates are Abdel-Sanad Yamama, head of the Wafd Party; Fouad Badrawi, a former MP and member of the Wafd Party's Higher Council; Hazem Omar, head of the People's Republican Party; Ahmed El-Fadaly, chairman of the Democratic Peace Party;  Ahmed Tantawi, a former MP and former head of the leftist Al-Karama (Dignity) Party; Gameela Ismail, chairwoman of the liberal Dostour (Constitution) Party, and Farid Zahran, chairman of the leftist Egyptian Social Democratic Party. 

Yamama, Omar, and Zahran have already announced that they have secured the necessary endorsements to participate in polls.

Notary offices across Egypt were jammed as thousands of citizens gathered to endorse El-Sisi, while supporters of other potential candidates reportedly struggled to issue endorsements.

As a result, on Sunday, the NEA directed all notary offices to extend their working hours to accommodate citizens who want to endorse candidates running for the presidency.

In the event of overcrowding where a substantial number of citizens are waiting in front of the notary office, employees are expected to work beyond their regular official working hours until they have assisted the last citizen who arrived before the designated closing time, the NEA said.

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