Intensive preparations at Egyptian embassy in US ahead of presidential elections

Sahar Zahran in Washingtom DC , Thursday 30 Nov 2023

In an exclusive interview with Al-Ahram, the Egyptian Ambassador to the US, Motaz Zahran, and members of the embassy said that since the Egyptian National Elections Authority (NEA) announced the timetable for the presidential elections, they have been working on the necessary preparations to receive voters at the embassy.

Egypt s Embassy in US
Egypt s Embassy in US

Egyptians abroad will cast their ballots from 1 to 3 December 2023.

To accommodate the voters, Egyptian embassies and consulates are preparing for this electoral event.

Zahran said the embassy, through its website and its official pages on social media, announced the dates of the voting process to the Egyptian community in the US.   

The voting, he said, starts daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, adding that an electoral sub-committee has also been formed to organize the voting process at the embassy headquarters.  

Furthermore, Zahran stated to Al-Ahram that the embassy received from 25th September to 13th October citizens wishing to issue endorsements for the presidential candidates as per the rules and regulations set by the NEA.

He noted that the embassy addressed the US authorities to provide local police personnel to secure the voting process and the embassy, adding that the American side responded promptly owing to the distinct relations between the two countries.

Moreover, the members of the Egyptian diplomatic mission told Al-Ahram that the embassy has been indefatigable about encouraging the Egyptian community in the US to participate actively in the voting process.

The embassy, they said, even arranged a virtual meeting for a group of the community in the US with Egypt's Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs. 

Meanwhile, members of the Egyptian community in New York and New Jersey held an awareness meeting on Thursday to explain the importance of active participation ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.

During the meeting, many Egyptians in the US expressed enthusiasm and determination to perform their role in this democratic process.

They were joined by members of the Egyptian Consulate in New York, who guided voters on the procedures and the requirements of the voting process.

In return, the members of the Egyptian community said they were pleased with the consulate’s effective interaction and valuable guidance, stressing that they were ready to repeat such initiatives to encourage more people to participate in this democratic process.

According to the NEA, 137 embassies and consulates across 121 countries will receive registered voters starting Friday.

The candidates running for the presidency include incumbent President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who is running for a third term in office and whose electoral symbol is a star; Farid Zahran, the leftist opposition Social Democratic Party candidate with the sun as his electoral symbol; Abdel-Sanad Yamama, candidate of the Wafd party who has chosen the palm tree as his electoral symbol; and Hazem Omar, the Republican People’s Party candidate, with the ladder as his electoral symbol.

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