Voting in Egypt's 2024 presidential elections concludes abroad

Radwa ElSayed Hani , Monday 4 Dec 2023

Egypt's National Elections Authority (NEA) announced Monday the conclusion of the voting process for Egyptians abroad in the 2024 presidential elections, which took place from 1-3 December at the headquarters of Egyptian diplomatic missions.

Egypt s National Elections Authority
Egypt's National Elections Authority


According to NEA, the vote-counting process has been concluded as well, including the total number of those who cast their votes, the number of valid and invalid votes, and the number of valid votes for each candidate.

These numbers have been sent to the NEA through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be announced later.

Voting abroad was held in 137 embassies and consulates across 121 countries around the world.

Egypt's Minister of Emigration and Expatriates Affairs Soha Gendy extended her deep thanks to the NEA, the foreign ministry, Egyptian ambassadors and consuls abroad, and Egyptian communities around the world, for their participation in the 2024 presidential elections.

The candidates running for the presidency include incumbent President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who is running for a third term in office and whose electoral symbol is a star; Farid Zahran, the leftist opposition Social Democratic Party candidate with the sun as his electoral symbol.

Other contenders are Abdel-Sanad Yamama, representing the Wafd party with the palm tree as his electoral symbol, and Hazem Omar, the candidate from the People's Republican Party using the ladder as his symbol.

Voting within Egypt is scheduled to occur from 10-12 December. The final election results are slated for announcement on 18 December, provided no run-off is necessary.

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