Egyptian Organization for Human Rights prepares to monitor presidential election

Ahram Online , Saturday 9 Dec 2023

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) prepared on Saturday to monitor the three days of voting in the country’s presidential elections, which is set to begin Sunday.



The organization distributed IDs issued by the National Elections Authority to its 188 accredited observers who will observe the process across the country.

The EOHR said it trained its observers on the guidelines and rules that must be followed while observing the electoral process, according to a statement.

It also called on all the candidates’ campaigns to abide by the electoral silence period during the election as per the law and to refrain from any practices that would hamper their transparency or fairness.

The EOHR said it looks forward to the holding of a free and fair election.

The statement stressed that holding a transparent and fair election will reinforce the right to public participation in general and the right to vote in particular. This, in turn, will reflect positively upon national efforts to uphold and protect human rights.

Essam Shiha, the president of EOHR's board of trustees, pointed out this will be Egypt’s fifth multi-candidate presidential election in its political history.

Shiha said that the right to vote is a fundamental human right that the state must protect adding that every citizen should be keen to enjoy.

The NEA approved 4,218 media observers – representing a wide range of agencies, newspapers, channels, and media outlets – to cover the event.

The NEA also approved 24 embassies, 67 diplomats, and 220 international observers, along with 68 local organizations and 22,340 local observers to monitor the election.

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