High turnout in 2024 presidential elections indicates citizens’ confidence in Egyptian state: Hamzawy

Radwa ElSayed Hani , Wednesday 13 Dec 2023

The director of the Carnegie Middle East Programme Amr Hamzawy affirmed Tuesday that the high participation in the voting process in Egypt's 2024 Presidential Elections indicates citizens’ confidence in the Egyptian state.

Amr Hamzawy,
Amr Hamzawy, Director of the Carnegie Middle East Program, during an interview on CBC TV channel broadcasted on Tuesday.


During an interview on CBC TV channel on Tuesday evening, Hamzawy said: "The first determinant in these elections is the high percentage of participation – which already happened – and that is a very good thing," affirming that young people had the highest turnout rate.

Hamzawy, a former member of Egypt's House of Representatives, added, while speaking to the TV programme titled "In the Evening with Qaswa," that the large turnout is good for political life in Egypt and for state institutions, especially in light of the challenges and the complicated regional and international scene.

He said that whoever wins must take into account the visions and ideas of the competing candidates, stressing that Egyptian political life will develop gradually, and affirming that Egypt is close to addressing all its issues.

During the interview, Hamzawy emphasized that it is important to build on the outcomes of the National Dialogue following the elections, adding that the Egyptian countryside is more interested in politics than urban areas.

Moreover, Hamzawy said that Egypt needs to build new political cadres, whether they are close to power or in the opposition, stressing that the political parties must interact with the openness of the Egyptian political scene with more influential programs.

Voting in Egypt’s presidential elections wrapped up on Tuesday and the vote count has commenced.

On Monday, the NEA executive director said that approximately 45 percent of eligible voters had cast their ballots by the afternoon of the second day.

Around 67 million Egyptians are eligible to vote, meaning that over 30 million people had voted by this time.

During Egypt’s last presidential election in 2018, 24 million people voted, or about 41 percent of eligible voters.

The Carnegie Middle East Programme is part of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a nonpartisan think tank based in Washington DC.

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