Egyptians voted for the world against inhumane war on Gaza: Sisi

Ahram Online , Monday 18 Dec 2023

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi asserted Monday that the 2024 Egyptian election represents the world's rejection of Israel's inhumane war, and not simply the election of a president.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, Photo: Egyptian Presidency


The Egyptian president stressed that this war must come to an end, given the grave threat it poses to Egypt’s national security and the untold suffering it has caused Palestinians.

El-Sisi's remarks came during a televised speech after the National Elections Authority (NEA) announced his victory in the 2024 presidential elections with 39.7 million votes, representing 89.6 percent of valid votes.

During the speech, El-Sisi expressed his sincere appreciation and immense gratitude to every Egyptian who participated in the elections, while the state grapples with a multitude of challenges across all levels.

El-Sisi also expressed his joy at the sight of Egyptians' lining up at polling stations, "which demonstrates that the will of the Egyptian people is affirmed with the voice of every Egyptian man and woman," he said.

The president described the scene of Egyptians participating in the elections, which he followed closely, as a clear testament to the vitality and resilience of Egyptian society.

"It was a civilized scene, that marked the culmination of the collaborative efforts of the government and the people, delivering this dignified image, devoid of any transgressions or security violations, despite the unprecedented scope of the crowds," he noted.

"The great Egyptian citizen has stood up to terrorism and violence, endured economic reforms and their impacts, and persevered through crises with steadfastness, awareness, and wisdom," El-Sisi said.

Reinstated as president, El-Sisi renewed his oath to dedicate every effort to continue building Egypt's New Republic; a democratic state governed by law and the constitution.

Egypt's president also extended his greetings to all the candidates who contested the election for their fine political performance, which paved the way for a vibrant political life; "My pride in you is infinite," he said.

El-Sisi also hailed Egyptian women for their strong participation.

He affirmed that the Egyptians' choice of him to lead the country is a responsibility that he bears faithfully before God Almighty and before the people, stating that history will bear witness to it.

He also expressed his thanks to Egypt's army, police, and judiciary who secured and supervised the 2024 elections.

In its press conference on Monday, the NEA's head Hazem Badawy said that the elections witnessed a turnout of 66.8 percent, with 44.7 million citizens voting in the elections at home and abroad, out of 67.3 million eligible voters.


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