Morsi's approval rating nears 80% after 80 days in office: Baseera Tracker

Ahram Online, Friday 28 Sep 2012

79% say they approve of the president Morsi's performance towards the end of his third month in office, with more Shafiq supporters warming up to the Brotherhood leader

Baseera Opinion Tracker

The results of the second opinion-tracker from the independent Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research, Baseera, reveal stable approval for the president after the first 80 days.

79 per cent of respondents revealed their approval for the president, while 13 per cent stated they did not approve of his performance. By comparison to the 60-day approval rate, there is no significant change in the overall approval, yet improvement on four of the five areas of the first 100-days programme is noted: namely security (up to 75 per cent from 58 per cent), traffic (up to 60 per cent from 45 per cent), rubbish collection (up to 60 per cent from 51 per cent), and bread (up to 38 per cent from 34 per cent). Fuel conditions seem to have worsened since the last survey, going down to 35 per cent from 62 percent during last survey.

The improvement, however, is not felt equally everywhere, as it turned out that the approval on security is lesser among women and youth, while the improvement on traffic and fuel is much less in Lower Egypt, while the garbage condition is felt worse in the urban areas.

Baseera Opinion Tracker
Voting prospects if elections repeated tomorrow

Regarding voting prospects, Morsi seemed to have gained five per cent points since the last poll, with 65 per cent of the sample indicating they would vote for Morsi should the elections be repeated tomorrow. Undecided voters are still high at 20 per cent, while decided voters against Morsi were 15 percent. Deeper analysis of these results reveal that among respondents who claimed they originally voted for Morsi, the majority didn't change opinion (83 per cent would vote for him again), while among those who claimed they voted for his opponent, Ahmed Shafiq, 33 per cent claimed they would vote for Morsi if elections were repeated. Among respondents who didn't participate in the elections, 55 per cent stated they would vote for Morsi, which is lower than last poll, at 60 per cent.

This set of results were collected on a sample of 1,656 individuals above 18, on 17 September 2012, through phone calls, the socio-economic level was determined through goods ownership.

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