Morsi's first 100 days: A report card

Ahram Online, Tuesday 9 Oct 2012

Ahram Online provides in-depth analysis on the successes and failures of President Mohamed Morsi's first 100 days in office

Mohammed Morsi
Egypt's presidential Mohammed Morsi (Photo: AP)

During his election campaign, Mohamed Morsi vowed to tackle five key issues during his first 100 days in office: the security vacuum, traffic congestion, fuel shortages, bread scarcities and poor public sanitation.

During a speech on Saturday, two days before the 100 days expired, the president admitted that he and his government had failed to fulfil all their targets, but also claimed some successes.

Some observers have praised the president's performance during his first 100 days, while others have said his plan yielded few tangible results.

The 100-day plan is the first phase of the Muslim Brotherhood's Renaissance Project, which it has been promoting since before Morsi became the group's presidential candidate.

However, the project remains vague and the Brotherhood has failed explain it in detail.

Ahram Online assesses how the president has performed in the five key areas of his 100-day plan.


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