Egypt's lists running in the 2015 parliamentary marathon

Marina Barsoum , Thursday 15 Oct 2015

Ahram Online presents a breakdown of all seven lists contesting the upcoming parliamentary elections

parliamentary elections
File Photo: A woman casts her vote at a polling station before voting ended at a polling station during 2011 parliamentary elections in Cairo. (Reuters)

Meet Egypt's lists running in the parliamentary marathon set to kick off its first round in Egypt on Sunday 18 October.

The first round will be on 60 party-based seats that will go to the two constituencies as follows: The North, Middle and South of Upper Egypt constituency which includes eleven governorates, and will elect 45 MPs. They will be divided as follows: Giza (11), Fayoum (4), Beni Suef (3), Minya (6), Assiut (5), New Valley (1), Sohag (6), Qena (4), Luxor (2), Aswan (2), and the Red Sea (1); along with The West Delta constituency: which includes three governorates, who will elect 15 MPs. They will be divided as follows: Alexandria (7), Beheira (7), and Marsa Matrouh (1).

The breakdown of the 60 party-based seats will go to two constituencies contesting in the second round as follows: The Cairo, South and Middle Delta constituency, which includes six governorates, and will elect 45 MPs. They are divided as follows: Cairo (14), Qalioubiya (7), Daqahliya (8), Menoufiya (5), Gharbiya (7), and Kafr Al-Sheikh (4); along with The East Delta constituency, including seven governorates, who will elect 15 MPs. They include: Sharqiya (7), Damietta (2), Port Said (1), Ismailiya (2), Suez (1), North Sinai (1), and South Sinai (1).

Ahram Online presents to its readers the breakdown of all the lists and coalitions contesting in both rounds.  


1.      For the Love of Egypt

Sameh Seif El-Yazal
Sameh Seif El-Yazal, 'For the Love of Egypt' coalition coordinator

·         Symbol: Lotus

·         About: The coalition is widely believed ‎to be supported by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, ‎though El-Sisi has denied that he supports any electoral bloc. ‎

·         Coordinator: Sameh Seif El-Yazal: a former intelligence officer, security expert and chairman of the Gomhouria Centre for Political and Strategic Studies (GCPSS).

·         Parties inside the list: Candidates from 10 parties will be running in the upcoming elections, some of who are from the liberal Wafd Party, Nation's Future Party, Conference Party, the well established liberal Free Egyptians Party, the Conservatives party, Reform and Development Party.

·         Important Figures: The coalition includes many high-profile candidates‎ including journalists, businessmen, former judges, and former cabinet ministers. Some of the well established figures are former minister and football icon Taher Abu Zeid, the Conservatives Party's founder and leader Akmal Qortam, former foreign minister Mohamed Al-Orabi, and former parliamentarian, researcher and well known Coptic figure Emad Gad.

·         Vision: Protection of the security of the state, reestablishing Egypt's stability and maintaining coherence of the state's institutions along with many developmental projects not only in the capital but also in Upper Egypt.  

·         Contesting on: For the Love of Egypt is contesting all of the 120 seats available to lists in the parliament. In north, middle and Upper Egypt, Cairo, South and Middle Delta. Also in West Delta and East Delta.


2.      Egyptian Front coalition and the Independent Current (Egypt List)

Ahmed Shafik
Ahmed Shafik, Former Prime Minister and 'Egypt List' coalition coordinator

·         Symbol: Car

·        About: The coalition is closely associated with the toppled Mubarak regime. Representatives of the coalition believe that the revolution against Mubarak in 2011 was an American conspiracy and strongly support the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, aiming to prevent all religious parties from exercising political rights.

·         Coordinator: Ahmed Shafiq who is currently living in the UAE. He was a former Prime Minister under the rule of Hosni Mubarak. He also ran in the 2012 presidential elections against Islamist ex-president Mohamed Morsi. He has been citing "security reasons" for his residence in the Gulf State since his electoral loss in 2012.

·         Parties: Candidates from two party coalitions. The Egyptian Front that includes The Egyptian National Movement Party led by Shafiq, MasrBaladi (Egypt My Homeland) led by Qadri Abu Hussein, a Mubarak-era provincial governor. As for the Independent current coalition, it is led by Ahmed Al-Fadaly and includes 14 minor political parties.

·         Important Figures: Qadri Abu-Hussein, former governor of Helwan, Mohamed Nasr Allam, the former irrigation minister, Major General Hamdi Sarhan and Major General and former Minya governor Samir Sallam.  

·         Vision: The main aim of this list is to make necessary amendments to the 2014 constitution.

·         Contesting on: Egypt List is contesting on two constituencies- The West Delta constituency and The Cairo, South and Middle Delta constituency.


3.      Knights of Egypt

Abdel Rafe Darwish
Major General Abdel-Rafe Darwish, 'Knights of Egypt' party head

·         Symbol: Pendant

·         About: This party was founded in January 2014 and is primarily made up of retired army officers who are also supportive of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi. They have been keeping a low profile.

·         Coordinator: The party is currently headed by Major General Abdel-Rafe Darwish.

·         Parties: This list consists of one sole party that carries the same name of the list Fursan Misr that translates into Knights of Egypt.

·         Important Figures: Major General Mohamed El-Issawy, Ibrahim Abu Amma, Nadia Al-Tahan.

·         Vision: This list will focus on technical education, social justice, and they have also announced in several press conferences plans for agriculture developmental projects. They will also focus on the religious discourse to fight against terrorism.

·         Contesting on: Fursan Misr will be running in the upcoming elections in The West Delta constituency, which includes three governorates, that will elect 15 MPs. They will be divided as follows: Alexandria, Beheira, and Marsa Matrouh.


4.      Independent National Re-awakening Bloc:

Mohamed El-Assouani
Mohamed El-Assouani, 'Independent National Re-awakening Bloc' coalition head

·         Symbol: Peacocks

·         About: They call themselves a national Sufi bloc that is representing all Egyptians mainly in Upper Egypt. This coalition was formed by the Sufi Sheikh Mohamed Al-Assouani. They have stressed their total refusal to the rhetoric of the Muslim Brotherhood.  

·         Coordinator: Ahmed Hassan is the secretary general for the bloc.

·         Parties: This coalition does not consist of any parties unlike other coalitions. It has a number contestants running who have been known in Upper Egypt.

·         Important Figures: George Kelada, Head of the Egyptians Association in Italy, Iman Yehia Ali Dean of the girls Faculty at Al-Azhar University in Beni Suef.

·         Vision: They aim to represent all of the society's factions inside the parliament. The list has also announced several developmental projects for the long run that will be implemented in the villages most in need in Upper Egypt.

·         Contesting in: The North, Middle and South of Upper Egypt constituency.


5.      Al-Nour List

Younes Makhioun
Nour Party head Younis Makhioun

·         Symbol: Lantern

·         About: This is the sole Islamist party and list that has survived to contest in the elections. They have been describing themselves as a party launched after the 25 revolution that has based its principles on Islamic Sharia. They have completely rejected the rhetoric of the Muslim Brotherhood following the ouster of the Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. The Salafist party has showed full support to the political roadmap unveiled following Morsi's ouster and also to the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi since he was sworn in office in June 2014.  

·         Coordinator: The Salafist party head and the coordinator of the list is Younes Makhyoun, who is not running himself in the elections.

·         Parties: This list is composed of a sole party that holds the same name of the list "Al-Nour Party".

·         Important Figures: Nader Bakkar, a young figure who has been the spokesperson of the party for a long time and is currently living in the United States as he is acquiring his masters at Harvard. The former parliamentarian Ahmed Al-Sharif, who was a member of the 2012 parliament for the Salafi party. There are also two Copts on the list of the party, one of whom is Nader Al-Serafi.

·         Vision: In one of the list's press conferences in Beheira, Makhyoun said that the aim of Al-Nour is to take part in the current political life in Egypt. He added that they aim for the stability of the nation and the coherence of all factions in Egyptian society. "We will seek justice and equality."

·         Contesting on: The electoral district of Cairo, South and Middle Delta, and in the district of West Delta.


6.      The Call of Egypt

Hisham Anany
Hisham Anany, the general coordinator for 'The Call of Egypt' list

·         Symbol: The Map

·         About: The Call of Egypt, formed in December 2014, led by young activist Tarek Zidan.

·         Coordinator: Hisham Anany is the general coordinator for The Call of Egypt list.

·         Parties: The list includes 17 political parties and young movements. Some of the parties include the Arab Party for Justice and Equality, headed by Anany, and Egypt's Protector’s party. It also contains the "I am Egyptian" coalition.

·         Important Figures: Adel Abdel Hamid, the former justice minister under the interim government of Hazem El-Beblawi. There is also major general Abdel Hadi Rashwan.  

·         Vision: Combating poverty, corruption and unemployment will be on the top of the programme for the Call of Egypt.  

·         Contesting on: The North, Middle and South of Upper Egypt constituency.


7.      Republican Alliance of Social Forces

Tahany El-Gebaly
Tahany El-Gebali, former Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt

·         Symbol: The Arch

·         About: This list is composed of figures who have occupied high administrative positions. The coordinator of the list said that almost half of this coalition is composed of women.  

·         Coordinator: Tahany El-Gebali, former Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt.

·         Parties: This list does not consist of any political party.

·         Important Figures: Former presidential candidate Hossam Khairalla, journalist Samia Zein Al-Abedin, head of the Farmers Syndicate in Kafr El-Sheikh Reda Gharabawi.    

·         Vision: This list will work on supporting youth, women and the workplace aiming to build up what they call as "The Third Republic." The coalition listed a number of important files that will be on the top of its agenda, some of which included improving health care and education in the electoral district they will be running in. 

·         Contesting on: The electoral district of Cairo, South and Middle Delta. 

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