Egyptian Social Democratic Party to compete for individual seats only

Ahram Online , Monday 12 Oct 2015

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party says that it is not part of any current electoral list

A file photo for the members of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party "ESDP" (Photo: ESDP's official Facebook page)

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party has announced that it is competing for individual seats only in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

In press statements issued Sunday night, the party said that it was not part of any of the electoral lists competing for the party list seats following the withdrawal of the Sahwet Misr (Egypt's Awakening) list from the electoral process. 

Sahwet Misr withdrew from elections after a court ruled that prospective candidates must re-take the costly required medical check-ups even if they had already done the tests in February.

Nearly 70 candidates are representing the Egyptian Social Democratic Party in the competitions for the individual seats across the country.

In the 2011 parliament, the party founded after the 25 January revolution managed to get 16 seats as part of the Egyptian Bloc electoral coalition.

Elections during the first phase are due to take place for Egyptians abroad Saturday and Sunday, while in Egypt, voters will go to the polls on Sunday and Monday.

One hundred and twenty seats are available for party-list candidates, and 448 are allocated to individual candidates. 

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