Future of Homeland party returns to pro-Sisi coalition in Egypt's new parliament

Zeinab El-Gundy , Wednesday 23 Dec 2015

Less than a week after withdrawing from the coalition, the young party announces its return to the bloc

A file photo for Egyptian Parliament (Photo:Reuters)

The Future of Homeland Party decided to return to the pro-Sisi coalition currently being formed in Egypt's new parliament after initially declaring on Sunday that it would withdraw early this week from the bloc, the party's spokesperson Ahmed Samy told Ahram Online.

'We decided to return after sorting out differences regarding the mechanisms inside the coalition," Samy said.

Samy also revealed to Ahram Online that the party held talks with the bloc following the withdrawal announcement and reached an agreement regarding the original points of differences, including a higher representation of the party in the coalition's political office.

Earlier this week, Future of Homeland declared that it would not join the parliamentary Pro-Egyptian State bloc, which aims to support President El-Sisi's policies.

The Future of Homeland Party is highly supportive of El-Sisi and has 51 seats in the newly elected parliament. 

The announcement came at the same time that Free Egyptians Party and Al-Wafd Party said they would not join the coalition. 

The Free Egyptians Party announced in a press conference earlier that it would not join the coalition because "the Egyptian parliament should not be dominated by one political force or ideology." 

Al-Wafd party stated that it had a different political ideology than the parliamentary coalition. 

Leaders of the Pro-Egyptian State bloc announced two weeks ago that they aimed to form a parliamentary majority bloc of 400 MPs (or a two-thirds majority).

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