Egypt's security apparatuses working against country’s interests: MP Okasha

Ahram Online , Sunday 27 Dec 2015

Parliamentarian and controversial TV host Tawfik Okasha said Saturday that 'all these titles can go to hell a thousand times. Egypt will live on'

Tawfiq Okasha
Tawfiq Okasha, center, a popular Egyptian TV presenter, is greeted by his supporters as he arrives at the Cairo South court in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013 (AP)

Parliamentarian and controversial TV host Tawfik Okasha said on Saturday that all Egyptian security apparatuses are “working against the country's interests and working for their own narrow ideas.”

Okasha, in a phone call with ONTV channel’s Al-Sada Al-Mohtaramon programme, inferred that the current authorities want to activate one-party rule, saying they want to “clone the models of the [Nasser era] Arab Socialist Union.”

The comments came after Okasha and a number of parliamentarians looking to form a parliamentary block for independents attempted to meet in the House of Representatives headquarters in Downtown Cairo. According to Okasha, security prevented them from entering.

The events prompted Okasha to make statements to the press saying that he was pondering quitting the parliament and leaving the country.

“You should not love this country too much, because if you do those who rule the country will hate you,” Okasha stated.

Egypt’s House of Representatives was elected in two-phase polling in October and December. The parliament is yet to hold its first session, which will end a four-year parliamentary hiatus.

Also during the call to ONTV, Okasha stressed that a parliamentary bloc, which he was thinking of forming, is different from a political coalition.

A pro-Sisi parliamentary coalition under the name Support Egypt, headed by former intelligence officer Sameh Seif El-Yazal, is currently being formed. It aims to recruit to its ranks the highest number of parliamentarians so they would have the majority.

The coalition already includes the 120 parliamentarians who ran on the For the Love of Egypt list, which was also coordinated by El-Yazal. The list won all party-based seats.

“All these titles can go to hell a thousand times. Egypt will live on,” Okasha stated.

Okasha won the highest number of votes among independent candidates in his electoral constituency of Talkha and Nebaroh in Egypt's Dakahliya province, with over 90,000 votes.

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