High waves in Alexandria flood parts of engineering club, damages corniche fence

Ahram Online , Thursday 2 Dec 2021

Five-metre-high waves broke into streets in various areas of the northern Alexandria governorate and flooded parts of the Engineers Syndicate Club overlooking the corniche.

Engineering club during the high waves

Videos circulated on social media have shown water crossing breakwaters and inundating the parking area and outdoor lounge of the club, which is located in Saba Pasha neighbourhood.

The Engineers Syndicate dealt quickly with the crisis and the accumulated water is being removed, Hisham Saoudi, head of the syndicate in Alexandria said.

A young woman was also injured on Wednesday as part of the corniche fence collapsed in the Louran neighbourhood due to the powerful winds and high sea waves.

The waves ranged between three to five metres, and the wind speed reached 65 kilometres per hour, Alexandria Sanitary and Drainage Company stated.

Alexandria has been witnessing a wave of bad weather since Wednesday due to the start of the annual Qasim storm.

The storm occurs during the first week of December every year and is usually accompanied by heavy rains and high waves.

Alexandria Sanitary and Drainage Company has raised the level of preparedness, sending vacuum trucks to remove water from streets and clean storm drains.

Alexandria Port Authority ordered the re-opening of Alexandria and Dekheila ports on Thursday, shortly after their closure due to bad weather.

The authority’s chairman, Tarek Shahin, urged caution during shipping operations to ensure safety.

Alexandria also weathered the seasonal Al-Maknasa rainstorm in November, which forced the governorate to declare a state of emergency and enforce short-term school closures.

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