Egypt closes two ports, to suspend schools in Alexandria, Matrouh Wednesday over raging wind

Mohamed Soliman , Tuesday 7 Dec 2021

Egypt announced the suspension of studies at schools across Alexandria and Matrouh governorates on Wednesday as fierce wind bearing clouds of dust and sand is expected to continue to sweep the country for the second day.


Physical attendance at Alexandria's university and education institutes are also suspended on Wednesday over the inclement weather.

Dusty wind raged several parts in the western desert and the south side of the country's northern coast on Tuesday, ruining air quality and severely reducing visibility in Egypt.

The dusty weather travelled to wide areas across the country, including Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coast, the Suez Canal cities, and Sinai.

The wind interrupted navigation activities, forcing authorities to close straits of Alexandria and Dekheila ports on the evening. The closure is expected to remain in place for tomorrow as the meteorologists expect the wind to continue.

Hazes of sand and storm is expected to move toward more areas nationwide in the coming hours, causing poor visibility on desert roads and open areas, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) said in a statement on Tuesday, citing satellite images.

The EMA advised citizens to keep windows well closed during the next few hours, urging patients who suffer allergies to avoid going out. It also required drivers to stay cautious, especially on highways.

On Wednesday, Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coast, the Suez Canal cities, and Sinai will experience dusty and sandy wind that may evolve into sandstorms in open areas.

Sea navigation is forecast to see disruption in the Mediterranean, with wind of speed of 50-65 km/h, and wave heights ranging from 4 to 5 meters, the EMA noted.

A 40-50 percent chance of moderate rainfall is forecast as well on Wednesday over the northern coast, and a 20 percent chance of mild rainfall is forecast on Nile Delta and may arrive at Greater Cairo.

The weather is predicted to improve across the country starting Thursday through Monday, with a gradual 2-4 degree increase in temperatures as of Saturday, said the EMA.

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