Heavy rains, snowfall expected in Egypt during New Year's Eve

Ahram Online , Monday 27 Dec 2021

Greater Cairo and other parts of Egypt are expected to see mild to heavy rainfall and possible thunder and snowfall over the weekend.

File photo: View of the Nile and 6 October bridge after heavy rainfall in Cairo, Egypt

Rains may turn torrential in parts of Sinai and the Gulf of Suez on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) warned in a statement on Monday.

Starting Thursday, unstable weather is expected in northern Egypt, Greater Cairo and northern Upper Egypt, the EMA said.

Mild to moderate rain is expected in southern Upper Egypt on Thursday and will extend overnight to northern Upper Egypt, Greater Cairo and the cities of the Suez Canal.

On Friday and Saturday, parts of Greater Cairo, the northern coast, Lower Egypt, the canal cities, and northern Upper Egypt are expected to see moderate to heavy rain and a possible thunderstorm and snowfall.

Areas in Greater Cairo, the northern coast, Lower Egypt, and the Suez Canal cities may also witness moderate rainfall on Sunday.

Moderate rain is also expected along the northwestern coast and northern Lower Egypt on Thursday. Southern Upper Egypt is expected to see mild rainfall on Friday and Saturday.

Mild to moderate rainfall is also expected on parts of the northern coast on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Northern Delta may also see mild to moderate rainfall on Tuesday.

The EMA expects mild temperatures in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and northern Upper Egypt from Tuesday to Sunday during daytime.

Temperatures will be warm in South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt during the daytime over these days.

However, the EMA expects extremely cold weather nationwide during nighttime that may turn frosty in Central Sinai.

Highs of 16-19 degrees Celsius and lows of 11 are expected in Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt between Tuesday and Sunday.

Highs of 16-18 degrees and lows of 10-13 are expected along the northern coast.

South Sinai will see highs of 20-23 degrees and lows of 14-15.

Northern Upper Egypt will see highs of 16-19 degrees and lows of 8-9, while southern Upper Egypt will witness highs of 20-22 degrees and lows of 9-10 over these days.

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