Egypt to experience drop in temperature, active wind starting Monday: EMA

Mohamed Hatem, Saturday 19 Mar 2022

Egypt is expected to experience a cold spell starting Monday, with a drop in temperatures of up to five Celsius degrees and chances of rainfall, according to a statement released by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) on Saturday.

File Photo: Vehicles drive along a flooded portion of the ring-road highway that encircles the Egyptian capital Cairo and it s twin city of Giza. AFP

The EMA said that temperatures in the northern part of the country, including Greater Cairo, are expected to decline by 2-3 degrees as of Monday, while the country’s South is forecast to experience a 4-5 degree drop starting Tuesday.

This drop in temperatures comes despite the country’s weather improving over the past three days.

Over the past two weeks, the country has experienced a spell of cold weather marked with a remarkable increase in wind activity due to a mass of air coming from southern Europe, according to the EMA.

However, several parts of the country, including Greater Cairo, the North Coast, and South Sinai are expected to see an increase in wind activity from Sunday to Thursday.

Additionally, there is a 30 percent chance of mild to moderate rainfall over the North Coast and Lower Egypt until midway through the week.

Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt are set to see highs of 20-18 degrees and lows of 11-9 from Sunday to Thursday.

The North Coast, however, is expected to see highs of 18-16 degrees and lows of 12-9, while South Sinai will experience highs of 25-22 and lows of 15.

Northern Upper Egypt is expected to witness highs of 23-18 degrees and lows of 10-9, while southern Upper Egypt is set to see highs of 30-27 and lows of 13.

The constantly rising and falling temperatures are a staple of Egyptian weather at this time of the year as the country bids farewell to winter and welcomes the spring season, which is known for its fluctuating tempreatures, said head of the EMA’s Central Weather Forecasting Centre Mahmoud Shahin last week.

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