Al-Ahram journalist who took own life wasn't professionally mistreated: National Press Authority

Ahram Online , Sunday 22 May 2022

Egypt’s National Press Authority (NPA) said on Sunday that the late Emad El-Feki – a journalist at Al-Ahram Establishment who committed suicide at his office late April – did not suffer from any professional mistreatment following an investigation into his suicide.

Al-Ahram institution building in Cairo (Photo: Al-Ahram)


The NPA’s statement refutes accusations circulated on social media that El-Feki's suicide was due to mistreatment in the workplace, accusing his managers of denying him his promotion and bonuses.

On 28 April, El-Feki, a journalist in his fifties, passed away after reportedly hanging himself at his office in Al-Ahram’s downtown headquarters.

The NPA said in the statement that its administrative and financial investigation was conducted by a committee that included press, legal, financial and administrative figures under the supervision of the vice president of the State Council and the legal advisor to the head of the authority.

The NPA, which oversees publicly-owned media in Egypt, said that following its investigation into the circumstances of El-Feki’s death it found that the late journalist did not suffer from any professional mistreatment.

According to the investigation, which included questioning of Al-Ahram Daily officials, El-Feki had received all scheduled promotions and bonuses as well as salary in accordance with the bylaws.

"Emad El-Feki has received full annual incentives, without any deductions, over the past four years. With regard to the monthly incentives, the committee found that there was no deduction from it over the past four years, with the exception of three times during 2019 and 2020. With regard to promotions, it was proven to the committee that the last promotion that the late [journalist] obtained was a deputy managing editor in 2012, just like other colleagues," the statement said.

Egypt’s Public Prosecution is still investigating the suicide of the late journalist. It has not yet released its official statement about the case.

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