Al-Kharga is New Valley Governorate's first environment-friendly town, minister says

Nada Nader, Sunday 5 Jun 2022

Egyptian Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad announced on Sunday that Al-Kharga is the first environment-friendly town in New Valley Governorate, marking World Environment Day.

New Valley
New Vally's Children wearing traditional costumes during receiving Environment Minister Yasmin Fouad at the Al-Kharga Airport on Sunday (photo courtesy of Egyptian Cabinet)

The World Environment Day has been held annually by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and this year it is held in the Swedish Capital Stockholm under the theme "Only One Earth".

The slogan was used for the first UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, which put sustainable development on the global agenda and led to the establishment of World Environment Day.

Fouad made the announcement during her tour in Al-Kharga town, where she was accompanied by the New Valley Governor Mohammed Al-Zamalout, lawmakers, a delegation from Al-Azhar, and a number of government officials.

The minister started her tour with a visit to June 30 Park, the most recently established entertainment and cultural park in Egypt, which stretches over nine acres with green landscapes, playgrounds, swimming pools, cycling lanes, and a mosque.

Fouad will also visit an investment program in the agriculture and Silk Oasis project. She is also set to launch a tree planting campaign and an electric vehicle and motorcycle marathon where students from New Valley University are participating.

Furthermore, the minister is expected to lay the cornerstone of a new solar power plant to serve the governmental service complex and provide 1.6 MW with an initial total cost of EGP 16 billion.

Fouad and Al-Zamalout are scheduled to tour a palm tree waste recycling plant in the governorate, witness a cultivation trial over a building roof, and inspect a vocational training center in Al-Kharga Oasis.

At the end of her visit, Fouad will announce Al-Kharga as a plastic-free town.

This comes amid Egypt’s preparations to host the 27th session of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh in November on behalf of the African continent.

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