Egypt to see a rise in temperature starting Wednesday due to Indian seasonal depression

Mary Mohamed, Tuesday 7 Jun 2022

Egypt is expected to experience a heat-wave starting Wednesday due to the Indian seasonal thermal depression according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) forecast.

A general view of the Nile river in Cairo, Egypt. (AP)
A general view of the Nile river in Cairo, Egypt. (AP)



Egyptian governorates will witness an increase in temperatures as of Wednesday 8 till Monday 13 June, according to the EMA. Greater Cairo, South Sinai, and other Southern cities will experience hot conditions during the day, while moderate temperatures are expected at night nationwide.

Temperatures in Greater Cairo will record between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius, while in Upper Egypt they will exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to Egypt's geographical location, the heat wave will be less severe than other countries in the Middle East.

The EMA stated that this heat wave is due to the impact of India’s seasonal depression that is affecting countries in the Middle East such as Kuwait, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula, causing the rise of temperatures.

The EMA added that the temperature in Al-Jahra, Kuwait has recently recorded more than 50 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature on earth.

The EMA report says that India’s seasonal depression passage over the Mediterranean raises the humidity levels and therefore increases the feeling of heat.

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