24 injured in South Sinai bus crash

Nada Nader, Sunday 12 Jun 2022

Twenty four people, including five children, were injured on Sunday after a bus overturned on the old coastal road in the city of Abu Zenima in South Sinai governorate, Al-Ahram Arabic news website.

bus Accident

The bus reportedly crashed into a mountain on the side of the old coastal road. 

Thirteen ambulances transferred the injured, who sustained serious to mild injuries, to Abu Rudis Centeral Hospital.

The bus belongs to a travel agency and all the passengers were Egyptians. The cause of the accident is yet to be determined. 

The old coastal road in Abu Zenima is known to be hazardous, as it winds through mountains linking South Sinai Governorate and Suez Governorate. The new Sharm El-Sheikh Road, built in 2019, is an alternative.

Egypt has launched mega-road construction projects over the last few years, among them is the new Sharm El-Sheikh Road, which reduces the travel time between Cairo to Sharm El-Sheikh by four hours. The 342-kilometre road was constructed at the cost of EGP 3.5 billion.

Egypt, which used to experience deadly traffic accidents on an almost daily basis, has witnessed a steady decline in the number of accidents over the past few years, with national efforts dedicated to improving the country’s road networks through the National Road Project launched in 2014.

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