Unprecedented rise in Mediterranean Sea surface temperature; Egypt to see hot weather till Sunday: EMA

Ahram Online , Tuesday 21 Jun 2022

An unprecedented increase in the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea's surface has been recorded by satellites, said the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) on Tuesday, noting that this is due to the long period of unprecedented heat waves that Western European countries, including France, Spain, and Germany, have recently been exposed to.

Weather in EU
A man cools off in a fountain during a hot day in downtown Madrid, Spain, Saturday, June 18, 2022. AP


The EMA also stated that Italy announced that surface temperatures in its territorial waters reached 26 degrees in June, which indicates a 6-degree increase above the average temperature. It also stressed that such unprecedented temperatures put Western European countries at greater risks, as hot water evaporates faster and charges the air with high humidity levels leading to severe weather phenomena.

Weather forecast in Egypt

In a separate statement, the EMA said that hot weather will prevail across Greater Cairo, the Nile Delta, and northern Upper Egypt, from Tuesday 21 June till Sunday 26 June.

However, South Sinai and southern cities will experience very hot temperatures during the day, while moderate temperatures are expected at night nationwide.

Greater Cairo and the Nile Delta are expected to witness highs ranging from 33 to 36 degrees Celsius and lows of 22 to 24 degrees from Tuesday till next Sunday, according to the EMA.

The North Coast is expected to see highs of 29 to 32 degrees and lows of 22 to 23 degrees, while South Sinai will see highs of 36 to 38 and lows of 26 to 27.

Additionally, northern Upper Egypt will see highs of 35 to 38 and lows of 23 to 25, while southern Upper Egypt will see highs of 38 to 43 and lows of 26 to 27.

The EMA also forecasts winds over many parts of the country from Tuesday to Sunday.

This heat wave comes after a week of mild weather conditions in the country which prevailed across Greater Cairo, north of Egypt, and northern Upper Egypt, with highs of 28 to 36 degrees Celsius and lows of 21 to 25 degrees.

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