Egypt to see hot weather, high humidity in first three days of Eid El-Adha

Nada Nader, Tuesday 5 Jul 2022

Egypt is expected to experience hot weather and high levels of humidity over the coming week, including the first three days of the Islamic feast of Eid El-Adha that starts Saturday.

A general view of the Nile river from above, Cairo. (AP)
A general view of the Nile river from above, Cairo. (AP)


Temperatures across the country will feel 1-3 degrees higher than actual numbers due to high humidity during the day, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) forecast on Tuesday.

The temperature in Greater Cairo is expected to hit 36 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday and 37 degrees on Friday and Saturday before dropping on Sunday and Monday to 36 and 35 degrees, respectively.

The North Coast is predicted to see highs of 31-32 thru Saturday, and highs will drop to 31 and 30 degrees on Sunday and Monday, respectively.

South Sinai will see highs of 38-39 degrees till Sunday and highs of 37 degrees on Monday, the EMA forecast.

Northern Upper Egypt will experience highs of 37-38 degrees till Sunday and highs of 36 degrees on Monday, while southern Upper Egypt will see highs of 41 degree over the coming six days.

Additionally, the EMA anticipates moderate and humid weather nationwide at nighttimes till Monday.

Morning fog is also expected to come down the agricultural roads, the highways, and the roads close to water bodies that lead to Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the Northern Coast and Suez Canal cities.

The wind will be active in some parts in Greater Cairo, eastern coasts and South Sinai for intermittent periods, a matter that may reduce feelings of humidity at night, the EMA noted.

Since June, Egypt has seen rising temperatures and humidity due to the Indian seasonal thermal depression that is moving towards several Middle Eastern countries, including Egypt.

Egyptian will celebrate the four-day Eid El-Adha feast starting Saturday 9 July. The Egyptian cabinet announced a paid holiday for government workers from 9-14 July.

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