Heat wave hits Cairo, Upper Egypt, South Sinai until Saturday

Nada Nader, Monday 18 Jul 2022

Hot weather spreads across Egypt, especially in Greater Cairo, Upper Egypt, and South Sinai, reported the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) in a statement on Monday.

File Photo: Summer-like weather will be experienced by Egyptians (Photo: Reuters)


While the heat wave is expected to last through Saturday, moderate temperatures and slight humidity are forecast nationwide at night, the statement added, noting that the rising levels of humidity increase the feeling of the hot weather by two to three percent until Saturday.

Humidity percentages in Greater Cairo during the day will range between 40-45 percent, increasing at night to 80-85 percent. In the North Coast, humidity will soar to 55-65 percent during the day and 85-95 percent at night. 

Greater Cairo and the Nile Delta will experience highs of 36 degrees Celsius, where it feels 39 degrees Celsius, while Upper Egypt will see highs of 41-43 degrees Celsius, where it feels 42-45 degrees Celsius.

The North Coast will experience highs of 32 degrees Celsius on Monday and will go down to 30-31 degrees Celsius starting from Wednesday.

The statement said the wind speed will be active on parts of Greater Cairo, Egypt’s western coasts and South Sinai on separate periods, where it increases the feeling of the moist weather at night.

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