Sara Sabry becomes first Egyptian to travel to space

Zeinab El-Gundy , Friday 5 Aug 2022

Engineer Sara Sabry has become the first Egyptian to travel on a suborbital flight, after New Shepard’s 22nd space flight (NS-22) - operated by the American private aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin - carried her and five others to the edge of space before returning to Earth on Thursday.

Sara Sabry


Launched from Corn ranch, West Texas in the US, the New Shepard stayed for 11 minutes at 106 km above the ground.

The 29-year-old Sabry flew with entrepreneur Mário Ferreira, the first person from Portugal to fly to space; British-American mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien; American technology leader Clint Kelly III; telecommunications executive Steve Young; and Coby Cotton, cofounder of the YouTube channel Dude Perfect.

Sabry earned her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the American University in Cairo and her master’s degree in biomedical engineering at Italy’s Polytechnic University of Milan.

She is also currently preparing for her PhD in aerospace sciences with a focus on space suit design, according to Blue Origin.

Sabry’s seat on NS-22 is sponsored by the Colorado-based nonprofit Space for Humanity (S4H), which is concerned with increasing access to space for all of humanity.

According to the official website of Space for Humanity, its "citizen astronauts" are chosen from among “change-makers who are currently serving a community leadership role.”

Sabry is S4H’s second "citizen astronaut" to fly on board the NS-22 after Katya Echazarreta in June.

Blue Origin has not announced how much it charges for seats on its space flights, and neither has S4H revealed how much it paid to book seats for its "citizen astronauts."

According to some news reports, however, the price possibly ranges from zero to $28 million based on several factors including who the passenger's social status. 

This is the sixth trip by Blue Origin since its launch by US billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2015.

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