Egyptian women play prominent role in political, legislative life: Parliament speaker

Gamal Essam El-Din , Wednesday 12 Oct 2022

Egypt’s parliament speaker Hanafi Gibali said that Egyptian women have “gained a lot of rights in recent years, playing prominent roles in the country's political, economic and legislative life.”

Parliament speaker Hanafi Gibali
Parliament speaker Hanafi Gibali


Addressing a meeting held by the Inter-Parliamentary Union on ‘The Role of Parliaments in Promoting Gender Equality’ in Rwanda on Wednesday, Gibali said "women have always represented a basic cornerstone of progress and human prosperity, not to mention an effective force in building up world civilisations."

"Women have even become a basic guarantee and vital condition for the durability and stability of nations and peoples," said Gibali.

"As for Egyptian women, they have always been a unique icon and an effective player, and thanks to initiatives taken by the country's political leadership in recent years, they have gained a lot of political, economic and legislative rights," said Gibali.

Gibali explained that "Egypt's constitution and legislations have banned all of forms of gender inequality, allowing women to actively play political, legislative and economic roles in all sectors and perform all kinds of public jobs and responsibilities."

Gibali urged the parliaments of all world countries to do more to empower women, adding that current global challenges should not stand as an obstacle in the way of allowing women to play active roles on all fronts, as this is a basic guarantee for the progress of societies.

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