Unified emergency network to fully secure data, communications: President Sisi

MENA , Ahram Online , Monday 31 Oct 2022

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi underlined on Monday the importance of establishing the Unified National Network for Emergency and Public Safety in fully securing data and communications.



The president's remarks came during the inauguration of the control centre of the Unified National Network for Emergency and Public Safety in Mokkatam in Cairo.

The president also witnessed via video conference the launching of the unified national network's Tiba 1 satellite services.

The emergency network project – which is set to ensure a speedy response to various emergency calls nationwide -- is set to be finalized within four months, the president said.

El-Sisi said securing data is a very complicated process that will be almost a 100 percent guaranteed through the unified network.

He said subsidiary centres for the Unified National Network for Emergency and Public Safety will be connected with the central one to quickly respond to any emergency calls from any governorate if necessary, noting that this is the first time Egypt uses a special satellite for communications.

El-Sisi also said that with the launching of the unified national network, crises and emergencies in all governorates will be handled more effectively, noting that many people had been in situations in which they were in dire need of help, such as being in road accidents or being caught in large fires, but that they had to wait for hours before help arrived.

The president asserted that the completion of the unified national network across the country will result in quicker responses to crises or emergencies by the affiliate centres in any governorate. In addition, responding to emergencies will now involve all concerned parties, ranging from the ministry of interior to that of health and petroleum.  

Contacts will be automatically referred to the main centre where everything will be screened, and in case certain governorates lack the resources to deal with a certain emergency, additional resources will be mobilised, he added.

El-Sisi extended thanks to all who contributed to the launching of the network, asserting that this project is a dream come true for the government.

"Three years ago, we spoke about the need for mechanising and linking the new cities in the various governorates with the smart government in the capital," El-Sisi said, stressing the need to avoid duplicating the function of such control centres.

The president also noted that the unified emergency network has a commercial benefit as it could offer services to the civil sector, investors and the private sectors in view of its efficiency and high quality.

The network provides secure communication services to 2,187 sites located on all of Egypt's strategic fronts.

The sites are geographically divided into 9 districts varying in nature and population density, with  537 sites covering Greater Cairo and 78 sites covering New Cairo districts.

The network seeks to link all emergency response factors and vital installations such as electricity, water, gas, internet services, Global Positioning System (GPS) to control stations.


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