In Photos: Tahya Masr Fund sends supply convoys to Luxor for prospective brides

Habiba Hamdy , Wednesday 14 Dec 2022

The Tahya Masr Fund sent on Wednesday a convoy to Luxor consisting of foodstuffs, clothing, blankets, educational equipment, and electric appliances for prospective brides.

Tahya masr


The convoy – which was prepared in collaboration with the Egyptian Zakat and Charity House – targeted 6,000 of the most vulnerable families in seven villages in Esna and seven in other locations, said Tamer Abdel-Fattah, CEO of Tahya Masr, at an event launching the convoy.

The families were provided with 66 tons of dry food and 40 tons of blankets, he added.

The event was attended by Egypt's Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed El-Tayyeb.

Some 1,500 students received 4,000 pieces of clothing and school supplies across 52 Al-Azhar affiliated institutes, Abdel-Fattah said. Additionally, the nation-wide Dokan Al Farha initiative launched its event in Al-Azhar University Girls branch in Luxor.

According to its website, the Al Farha initiative was originally launched in 2019 under Tahya Masr with the aim of providing vulnerable young university students – namely women – with clothing items, appliances and supplies for prospective brides in need of support. These items are provided free of charge.

Luxor's Dokan Al-Farha in its Azhar branch will supply on Sunday 26,000 clothing items including shoes and accessories, said Abdel-Fattah.   

In terms of its second track, 121 women were each given a refrigerator, washing machine, heater, iron, fan, stove, food processor, blender, kitchen utensils, bedding sheets, and blankets for their upcoming marriages, reported Abel-Fattah.

CEO of the Egyptian Zakat and Charity House Sahar Nasr affirmed the importance of collaboration with Tahya Masr and stressed that the upcoming period will include many social protection and urban development projects to assist citizens across the country in the areas that are most in need.

The Egyptian Zakat and Charity House was established in 2014 and has financial and administrative independence to collect charity money from Muslims and disburse them in a legally prescribed manner.

Zakat (“alms-giving”) in Islam is a religious obligation on individuals to donate a percentage of their wealth to charity.

The Tahya Misr Fund was established by President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi in 2015 to help poor communities and needy villages through development projects, particularly in the two areas of housing and health.

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