Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta issued over 1.5 million fatwas in 2022: Grand mufti

Jehad El-Sayed , Wednesday 21 Dec 2022

Egypt's Grand Mufti Shawki Allam revealed on Wednesday that Dar Al-Ifta has issued more than 1,563,250 fatwas (religious edicts) during 2022, with family issues – related to family protection, marriage, and divorce -- occupying the first place among the various types of fatwas with 63 percent.

Dar Al-Ifta
File Photo: Egypt s Dar Al-Ifta (Photo: Al-Ahram)


Egyptians seek personal advices and guidance on various everyday and contemporary issues from Dar Al-Ifta, the country's body responsible for issuing religious edicts. Recently, Dar Al-Ifta launched a hotline to give callers easier access to answers for their questions. 

Allam said that the priority of Dar Al-Ifta in issuing the edicts centred on protecting the family and dismantling the ideology of extremism.

Many of the edicts covered issues like domestic violence, the rights of working women, and the rights and duties of the wife, Shawky said.

Some 12 percent of fatwas were related to religious extremism, while the remaining fatwas covered worship, financial transactions, and etiquette and morals.

In the second half of 2022, Dar Al-Iftaa launched the “Fatwa Pro” application, which is supported in 12 languages, to communicate with muslim communities abroad, especailly in western countries.

“We are preparing this application to launch as soon as possible and it will be supported by 12 languages so that our ideas reach the whole world,” Allam said.

Allam also said that Dar Al-Iftaa is one of the first religious institutions in Egypt to have an effective presence on social media.

Dar Al Iftaa was also the first institution to create an account on TikTok, where it receives 30 million interactions weekly.

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